Acerca de Your Channel

Our knowledge, your advantage.

Your Channel has arrived as a company specialising in the commercial brokerage of goods and services.

In an ever-more competitive and specialised market, where the readiness and ability to recycle sales forces is increasingly important, Your Channel offers, on the one hand, the Know How of the markets where it is established and, on the other, the capacity for distribution, information and positioning of the products and services of the companies we represent.

The range of Brokerage services offered by Your Channel initially takes the form of:

- International Brokerage of businesses in Spain and Portugal.
- Outsourcing of Sales Forces.
- Audit of Commercial Processes.

Once a manufacturing company is established in a country or continent, etc., the next step is to try to obtain direct contact through wholesalers and a network of distributors.

This is why, in our opinion, the broker’s main mission in our market today is to offer a value added support and management service for the Sales Area.


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