How much value can you create by contracting Sales as a Service (S.A.S.) with Your Channel instead of hiring a team?

Your Channel offers much more than a hiring consulting. YourChannel offers a complete service of management and business development which we can limit to a certain area of business or a complete implementation of a company in a target market.

We can offer Sales Audit as a Service (S.A.S.) with the agility and usability. This way of working can bring. You are contracting a service brought by a team, not a person.

As this is a service, it can be considered as an expense, not a direct hire, nor a structural cost.

What is the difference between a Distributor and YourChannel?

These are completly different functions in the sales process: a distributor offers a financial service, and YourChannel offers a global implementation project, a growth project. Not only implement the company, we can also manage all the sales strategy, which helps us to negociate and push the actions, not only with 1 distributor, we can also manage a channel, few distributors, some resellers, etc…

Your Channel generates the real business, the opportunities, contacting and managing the specific channel and end users, while the distributor only finances the channel.

How did Your Channel come about?

It grew out of the conviction that what a company, a wholesaler or a partner really needs is to improve sales.

We read in the press of the appearance of commercial policies promising healthy margins, but in the end, due to the lack of specialisation in certain sectors, reality shows that a project very often dies within one year because of lack of business.

The founding partners of Your Channel, after years working for multinationals in the IT field, realised that the solution does not lie in selling wheels, but in making them turn.

This is the YourChannel philosophy: we are sales specialists, we sell and push the channel to do it too.

Why Your Channel and not a Consulting company?

Your Channel focuses in optimizing the results and maximizing the revenue, when a consulting company helping and trying how to reduce expenses, how to manage a team, etc…

To a certain extent, Your Channel is also a Consulting company, but one which specialises in sales. Our difference lies in our team, which is made up of people who sell on a daily basis at street level, not people who simply tell you how you should sell.

There is a world of difference.

Sales consist of: SELLJNG.

Regardless of what they might say in numerous theses, some of which tackle the subject from viewpoints that verge on the metaphysical, sales, in the practical sense of the word, are nothing more than the result of work whose main ingredients are:

- The Level of Relationship: We must have a physical presence as regards the customer.
- The Level of Trust: We have to respond to the expectations offered to the customer.
- The 4 Ps and other Marketing strategies with a view to establish a plan of action.

With the benefit of our experience, we are very much aware that direct contact with the customer is the base upon which sales are generated.

What does Your Channel dedicate to this?

Your Channel can dedicate and/or assign resources according to the needs of each company. In this way the projects that we tackle range from Outsourcing of commercial sales forces for specific campaigns to the introduction/establishment of a company in a specific sector, with the possibility of offering:

Introduction to new markets.

Here at Your Channel we offer you help, genuine help: Imagine the broker who knows a market, introduces a foreign company and creates a primary trading channel through wholesalers. In the case of aiming at a specific market, in addition to taking charge of the commercial management and dealing with the numbers, we can also prepare a wide range of market surveys, arrange positioning, etc.


Its aim is to increase the sales volume of a manufacturing company which, despite already having an established distribution network, does not obtain the optimum results.

Auditing commercial practices, Business Reengineering, Marketing and redefinition of procedures may all be tactics needed to “refloat” the sales process of a company.


Once the relations of a manufacturing company have been established in a country, the consolidation broker is, in short, the person who implements the actions needed to persuade the wholesalers by undertaking the necessary marketing measures and by monitoring to see if the goals are being achieved.

Loyalty/Creation of the Channel.

Is your distribution channel really the one that you defined as an objective? Is your Distribution Channel proactive and dynamic?

These are probably strategic questions for your company and, in turn, a pending issue due to the large quantity of resources needed to keep an active channel up-to-date. Let us create, develop and manage your channel proactively to make it effective and reliable.


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