We offer an efficient, results-based team, aimed directly at your target market. You define the objective and we supply the “ammunition”. 

In/Out Telesales

On the customer’s premises or at our own offices, we place our best telephone sales personnel at your disposal so that, either for specific sales campaigns or for permanent commercial projects, they can devote themselves to increasing customer sales, generating projects, generating a Forecast and pipeline, market positioning, etc.

In/Out Sales Teams

On the customer’s premises or at our own offices, we hire and place at your disposal our best sales personnel, who will develop the commercial tasks as set out by the customer’s business management. They will be responsible for carrying out all the typical activities of an Account Manager in order to generate the volume of sales and projects to enable the customer to reach the desired sales and market quota.

Total Trading

n this type of project, Your Channel takes on the responsibility, via its sales executives, of the management and the positioning of the business on the market, in the channel and with the customers; it also carries out marketing activities, market research and other related tasks. This type of trading is the most common for companies who have no presence of any kind in Spain and need assessment at all levels.

If your company does not have designated Heads for technical, commercial, training or support personnel, this doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to not having technical resources.

We can offer you the resources to facilitate management of everything from a pre-sale to a first-class technical support line.


With the very latest technology, these salespersons visit the different points of sale which offer our customer’s products in order to oversee the line, stocks and training of shop staff and to control the competition, product placement with regard to the competition, demonstrations, etc.

Post-Sales Technical Support

We can be the first point of contact and provide management of technical incidents that may occur with your Product-Solution. We manage the support, channel the incidents and offer you real-time information on them, integrating ourselves into your CRM or offering them our own.

Profesional Services

Professional Services: As important as a quality solution is its implementation. Without the correct installation or parameterisation, the dream product may turn into the worst nightmare for the customer.

We give you the chance of offering the certified services that your solution requires as a manufacturer.

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