Your Channel can analyse the different commercial areas of your company and examine the different processes and procedures in search of optimisation or, if necessary, the redefinition of the available resources.

Let us analyse the operational set-up and profitability of your commercial team. An outside point of view can often offer up other alternative scenarios.

We can make and define strategies for both introduction to the market and for positioning and consolidation.

Sales and Commercial Consulting

Very often a company’s commercial network does not obtain the results expected. Your Channel offers auditing and consulting services to assess and examine the running of the company at a commercial level; it can also offer alternative viewpoints as regards the normal way of working in order to improve results.

- Definition of Business Plan and Market Studies.
- Analysis and Definition of Strategies
- Marketing.
- Consultancy of Sales Processes.
- Coaching of Sales Force.
- Introduction Trading.
- Position Trading.
- Consolidation Trading.


Marketing Consultancy

As is the case with commercial policies, the marketing policies of a product or service may not give the expected results because they are not getting the right message across, thereby limiting the focus and results of these products.

Your Channel analyses how campaigns and polices are working, offering alternative, eye-catching points of sale.

Channel strategy
Audit of Commercial Policies
Strategic/Tactical Analysis

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