We will take care of defining a strategy for introduction, positioning and/or consolidation for your business, product or service.

Let us define the way to reach your target and save you ammunition.

Merchant Plan

Sales personnel, using state-of-the-art technology, visit the various points of sale which offer our customer’s product so as to oversee the line, stock, and training of shop staff and to control the competition, product placement with regard to the competition, etc.

Sales Promoters

PFor specific product promotion campaigns, we have a variety of profiles available for our customers, from event host/hostesses to salespersons from all areas who can deal with all kinds of responsibilities.


Using telephone profiles we take care of everything from arranging visits to the relevant people on behalf of the company, to canvassing buyers in search of information on the contacts that our customer needs to develop their campaigns, whether they be sales, marketing or any otherwise.


On the customer’s premises or at our own offices, we hire and place at the customer’s disposal the very best telesales personnel in order to develop direct marketing campaigns to their target public or customer.

Close Estrategical Meetings
Leads/Contacts Generations
Marketing Events
Mistery Shopping


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